Now here’s a woman who hasn’t invited Ebola Hilton onto her show for a guest appearance.

Tina Fey once called Ebola a “piece of sh-t”.

Tina is everything to be admired and respected in a woman in entertainment. If Tina Fey publicly called that disease a piece of sh-t, it IS a piece of sh-t.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are back on set for 30 Rock, “thanks God”. Love summer but hate summer tv, HBO not included.

Anyway, here they are in New York yesterday, various costume changes, and Tina was also photographed wearing a Snoopy tee shirt and I’ve been looking for a Snoopy tee for a long time because of course Snoopy is a beagle and I have a beagle although to be honest I don’t like it at all when people stop and say, oh look you have a Snoopy dog because most of the time the only people who say “Snoopy dog” are Hello Kitties.

How do you remember Snoopy?

Is he smug?

Is he smiling?

What is his favourite facial expression?

My beagle’s favourite facial expression is: F-ck off unless you have food.

We call it his Prick Face.

30 Rock premieres October 15th. And of course 30 Rock will be at the Emmy Awards on September 20th with a record setting 22 nominations.

Photos from Doug Meszler /