This is the first time in my memory that we’ve come off an awards show and, of the hosts, gone “f-ck yeah!” They were spectacular, and this was not supposed to be the case. I mean, of course it was but anyone else would have crumbled under the hype.

Not our girls.  

They were absolutely top-level. They hit jokes way out of the park and I will never forget the moment when the James Cameron joke landed and Jessica Chastain’s face just blew open, like “They’re allowed to SAY that?” It was fantastic, even if I wondered where they WERE half the time. But they killed this.

And it’s because live TV is no big deal to these women. They did it once a week for years! What do you think, they were nervous or something? No. They can try anything and keep rolling, whether it lands like the Bill Rodham Clinton line or kind of less so like the Sarah Palin bit. 

It’s also because they have an established rhythm that works for them. Their personas involve that Tina is more rules-oriented, and Amy is wackier. Tina sets up the jokes, and Amy knocks ‘em out. The punchlines that belong to Tina involve rules being broken, vis-a-vis my second-favourite line of the night, “I haven’t seen anyone that abandoned and alone since you (Anne Hathaway) hosted the Oscars with James Franco”.

And, yes, it’s because they have no fear. None. Not of looking stupid, not of appearing sans bra in several different iterations (wouldn’t they get sweaty?), not of feeling like if they made a joke about someone “off limits”, like Taylor Swift or Lena Dunham, that there would be repercussions. Who cares? At the end of the night they’re still friends, who cares what the HFPA says?

It’s also possibly in spite of some of the outfits – I liked the red carpet business best, and Tina Fey’s moustache and flower-ring second best. But mostly I’m delighted that there’s no room to question whether or not they killed it. You can hate “weird” comedies like 30 Rock or Parks & Recreation, but everyone loves it when you make fun of Taylor Swift. Everyone.