If you’re the Schumer sisters, you go to the Emmys as twins. If you’re Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and you’ve just won an Emmy together for co-hosting Saturday Night Live, and you’re presenting at the Emmys together, you choose outfits that are not the same but that complement each other, and the hair too. Not that I think they made it a thing, like texting pictures back and forth of what they wanted to wear, but somehow it all worked out. 

Tina’s green gown, with the matching earrings, is probably, for most, the standout. And it is indeed one of her best award show dresses of all time. She looks glorious. I prefer Amy’s olive green though. It looks lovely against her red hair. And the silhouette, all caped and dramatic, is much more original, much less obvious “I’m going to an award show” than the cut of Tina’s.

What I really want to talk about in this post, however, is whether or not you miss them. We haven’t seen much of either of them this year and even less of both of them together. And they’ve been an award show standby the last few years, Amy and Tina, Tina and Amy. Which … you get the sense that they knew they were becoming a standby and they decided, nah, we don’t want you to get bored of us, (also, Sisters didn’t do as well as we were hoping), so we’re just gonna hit pause on that for a minute. Which I think I appreciate. I also appreciate what Tina said earlier this year about their working relationship, when asked in an interview if they’d ever do a series together:

"We're regarded as comedy team, which is totally fine by me. People sometimes used to say, 'Why don't you guys do a series together?' or whatever. And the funny thing is that I think we both know this to be true, it's because we're actually both alphas. So, it works in short spurts, but I don't know if it would make a real dynasty."

You know what that is? It’s creative competition. And it’s GOOD. It’s one woman saying about another woman that they both like to drive. And that they’re both great at driving and they both WANT to drive. So, instead of pretending like it’s dirty, this idea that women can and should compete, they have somehow found a way to strategically tap into that competition in favourable environments – “short spurts” – without losing respect for one another. Remember that the next time someone tells you that women can’t and shouldn’t compete.