I received the following text last night, verbatim:

“Tina Fay [sic] is on PBS. I just love her dress.”

She was one of the presenters helping to give the Mark Twain Prize for Humor to Carol Burnett.  (This happened in October but the event aired on PBS last night.) Before we get to Tina: 

1. My mom is now more tuned in than I am.
2. I switched away from the AMAs to watch this, and was much happier about it.  Good Christ, am I old. 

Which is kind of the point here. Tina Fey’s dress, the one my mom liked, is…well, it’s a bit nuts. Gross, yes, but in a new and different way than we’ve seen on Tina Fey before. Look at the tight waist and the flared skirt…and the ponytail…

…and then tell me if Tina Fey is maybe dressing a wee too young for her 42 years?  Don’t get me wrong. This is not something saying she’s getting old, or anything of the kind. I’m just saying, I’m not sure that silhouette should be on anyone older than fourteen, particularly with a ponytail. I feel like she’s about to do a solo in the community ice dancing show. It’s not all her fault – look at her from the side. She’s got a little girl’s swaybacked posture, too. I wonder if her shoes are too high?

These, of course, are the perils of looking “pretty” in the context of giving an award to a comedy legend. It’s not exactly a glamour event, nor exactly a late night at the Upright Citizens Brigade. It’s hard to know what’s appropriate.

Amy Poehler who, as I’ve said earlier this year, gets younger looking all the time, sidestepped the issue by appearing in the program in eccentric old-woman drag. It was, of course, the best move possible.

Attached: Various other celebs. Check the 90s look on Rashida Jones.