Okay, let’s get the sartorial stuff out of the way first. Tina’s dress fit her impeccably. But it was, yes, kind of a boring blue. But her hair was a whole new colour! And she looked more comfortable than she often does on these carpets. 

Amy Poehler looks like she’s drinking the blood of virgins. I don’t know how she’s getting younger. Her hair colour was also the only blonde that didn’t make me want to kill myself. But she’s better than that dress. I get the “I want to be comfortable and also not the focus”, but I still think there are more dresses out there she could be in. A rollneck in chiffon feels a little too much like the softer side of Sears, and she’s Amy Poehler. (Lainey: DISAGREE! Loved it!)

The question here is not whether they alone bailed out that first opening sequence. An assist from Kevin Spacey, of course, but it was all Tina and Amy and you could feel NPH’s gas bubble of anxiety move down from his diaphragm into his belly.  

Nor is the question whether these two will do the Golden Globes (they talked about it with Ryan, ergo of COURSE they will. Those two are network girls). The question isn’t even whether it will be good and we’ll be crying for more of them, because we will.

The question to me is long-term career planning. Tina is writing shows and will probably star in another one. There’s an appetite there. Amy will probably get a similar deal when Parks is done, and if I’m not mistaken, will show up in more movies just for the hell of it.

So that’s what the next 10-12 years looks like for these two? But they know well that their chemistry is rare and good, and the Statler and Waldorf comparisons aren’t all that off. After all, weren’t S & W the first place you learned that it’s OK to criticize, albeit not aloud?

My question then is, what does 50 and beyond look like for these two? You know they’re thinking about it.  We can wish for Amy to run circles around Carrie Underwood on the carpet for years to come – “So, what are you doing? What’s your thing, what’s up?” – but she’s too good and too expensive. 

Maybe it’s a co-hosted talk show? Late night with Tina and Amy? Has that been done? But then again, they don’t want to be tied together for life, either. You want to be able to come together or not when it suits you, but not have to.

They’re actually more likely than anyone else last night – including the Jon Hamms and the Bryan Cranstons – to be able to write their own career paths. So what do they do now?