Post By Duana

Do you know how many times Tina Fey gets asked about how hard she works, and how she balances being a working wife and mother? She gets asked constantly. Now, I'm of two minds about this. I could go off about how nobody ever asks a man how he does it all, because it's assumed that he just...does. Or gets help. Or that he's skilled enough to do this.

But on the other hand she DOES do a lot, and so I'm impressed that people keep noticing it. I've seen Seacrest ask her about it before, and she often turns it right back on him "You're the hardest working man in showbiz". I love that she turns the compliment back on him and it's deserved. It's not like she's saying that to, say, Regis Philbin. But the other thing I love is that no matter how many times she gets asked, she answers honestly, earnestly even, "Yeah, it's totally hard, aren't I lucky that I'm still kind of holding it together?" and she seems genuine and she doesn't ever roll her eyes. There are a lot of people who could take a page from her book and they're arguably bigger stars.

So then she gets onstage with Robert Downey Jr. and he's a MUCH bigger star, and she's utterly out of her element here among people who don't sit around in the writers' room all day debating the merits of a bigger sweatshirt. But she does not sweat. She plays it so straight, like she's utterly ready to cut RDJ if that is going to help her to be the funny one. But in the best way possible.

And then manages to take all the irony and funpoking out of her voice and do such a lovely job of honouring the (warning: Bias ahead) work in the often overlooked-or-at-least-not-well-explained screenplay nominations, well, this is a woman who has her wits about her and is just playing every card at the right moment.

Lest I be remiss in not mentioning RDJ, he played his part just as nimbly and you know what? He was genuinely jazzed to be with her. A brown-haired TV girl. I love it and him for getting it and loving it.