And now the Date Night press tour begins. Date Night opens April 9th. Duana and I talked about this while she was getting ready for work this morning, lacing up her Alexander Wangs while I tried not to yell at her because I’m jealous and petty.

I saw these photos of Tina Fey and Steve Carell in Berlin at the photo call and I said “I don’t want Date Night to suck, the trailer looks good, please don’t let it suck” and she said “I’m worried. See, there are things in the trailer that worry me”. So of course I watched the trailer all over again and while I don’t particularly like the “mother-in-law” or the Mark Wahlberg “instruments” lines, at the same time, it’s a comedy, it’s for the masses, and you can’t get too highbrow for the People or they will deem it elitist and liberal and reject.

Anyway, check out Tina in her skinny jeans and her big hair. She looks great. Meanwhile, how much do you love that some other bitches will bust out their designer-wear for these events and Carell shows up in what looks like a fleece?

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