My favourite part of the 30 Rock finale was Liz Lemon on the mommy chat boards – an innocuous question about where to get a bike turns into a raging fight about gender issues and safety helmets. “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true” definitely applies here.

Urban Baby, an anonymous message board with a mostly New York user base, was obviously an inspiration to Tina Fey in writing that scene, as she told US Weekly:  

“That was definitely built on experience with things I have seen. I have never . . . I don't know how to post on any of those. So I promise you I have never posted. I have seen people pretending to be me post on Urban Baby. I had a friend call me and say, "Are you on Urban Baby?" I said no. I didn't know what that was. I do think some of them - Urban Baby specifically - have some of the worst human behavior I've ever seen in my life. Terrible. There is no one running [those sites] or they would fix it.”

Mommy chat boards (like most internet boards) are generally intolerable because they are littered with trolls. Urban Baby is next level – and Tina Fey is one of their pastimes. They have long discussions about where her kids would go to school, where she’s been spotted taking tours; they speculate about whether or not she posts on the site and if so, what name she uses. (I totally take Fey at her word when she says she doesn’t).

Buzzfeed posted an article about the snobbiest moms on the Internet recently, with screen grabs from Urban Baby – there’s a lot of talk about Coach bags and what the exact meaning of NOCD is (options include: Not Our Crowd Dear, Not Our Class Dear and, inexplicably, Not Our Kind Dear – shouldn’t that be NOKD?) -- but I do think a lot of that is bored trolls playing with the media’s interest (because of Fey).

Because there’s no way a real person posted this:

i feel bad/weird about saying this but i don't know if i can go through with my lifelong plans to adopt a child. we have 2 kids and a lot of money and i am afraid that if i have an adopted kid, he will be pissed if he doesn't get a good chunk of the money in bequest. i think i could do it if the kid turned out smart and responsible with the money. but if i got an adopted kid that was irresponsible and i thought he'd just waste it all, i'm just going to give him enough to tide him over in life (as i would do for my bio children) but i think s/he'd think it was because i didn't love her. just streaming consciousness... [sic to all]

This can’t a legitimate question, right? Please humanity, tell me it can’t be.

Do you think Tina has the time, or the patience, to indulge this nonsense for a second?

Of course not, because she’s too busy being awesome Tina Fey.

Sure she can weigh in on the hot button issues, like Public vs. Private.  In US Weekly, she talks about competitive kindergarten entry exams (this is ridiculously true – my son isn’t even a 1 ½ yet and there’s a waitlist for a Pre-K -- I was supposed to apply to at birth!). It’s her perspective on mom issues that make them not just bearable, but funny and interesting. “What if you take them that day and have to poop? If they have to poop, it’s over.” And it’s not the only thing she can talk about. She can also talk about politics, her favourite Stooge, screenwriting, sandwiches….

You get the feeling that Tina doesn’t just have mom friends, right? She definitely has a mix because she’s not more or less interesting because she has two kids – she is just interesting, period.

Tina is the playground mom in a wet bun and chucks who always forgets the snacks while the other moms snicker to each other, but secretly die to be her friend. It’s all just a version of Mean Girls, and Tina always wins.

Attached -- Tina on The Today Show earlier this week. (Lainey: what is that sweater and why can’t I have it?!)