Love her so much. Looks like a normal person. Little but not unusally little. And pretty but nice pretty. And super chill and she and Will Ferrell (for MegaMind) had "Brad Pitt" with them and through the panel she kept trying to "manage" Brad and Brad was so awkward and cumbersome, it was a show within a show...had me smiling the whole time.

I was at the hotel during the press line when our sister station Space was interviewing her. Now I've been accused before - by a Twi-Hard of course - of not knowing about being a "fan" and what that means to have the opportunity to meet the object of your "fan-ness" but for me, it doesn't get any more "fan" than Tina Fey and still at the same time, what does it accomplish? To go up and have a photo? I see photos of her all the time. I see photos of myself all the time. At some point it's just a bragging opportunity. And, when it comes to Tina Fey, what really does she want?

She wants me to see her movie, watch her show, read her book when she puts out her book. Tina Fey, while polite and gracious, doesn't give a sh-t about getting her picture taken with me. That action isn't about her. That action is entirely self gratifying.

Do I want to be The Girl With The Idea who walks up to Tina Fey for a pitch? Does Tina want to hear me tell her to write the Book of Icky Questions and Answers. Probably a dumb move to talk about the Book of Icky Questions and Answers but I haven't been able to find a book that answers those icky questions, or at least by someone as qualified to write it as Tina.

And I don't mean vagina, penis, sex icky questions or there's a bump down there icky questions, not health icky questions but like gross but necessary etiquette icky questions. There's sh-t that happens every day that real people encounter that real people feel uncomfortable about that real people can't talk to each other about, even though there are surely worse things in life but you couldn't possibly feel any worse than putting them out there in public because, well, it's embarrassing and gross and that's what a book is for. Subtle, informative, helpful.

You want an example? Ok, I'll give you an example. But if you're a boy or a prude or anyone who tuts about biological functions, you need to look away now.

So you're at a hotel. And they only have white towels at hotels. And you're on your period. And you take a shower. After the shower, what do you dry off and wipe with? You wipe with tissue and it tears and crumbles all over the place. You wipe with a towel and you leave stains. And the housekeeping staff have to pick up your stains. Is that ok? Are they down with that? Has anyone asked what they would prefer? Someone needs to investigate what they would prefer and then using that insight, combined with common sense and a little creativity, provide us with the best answer for the question WHAT do you wipe with at a hotel on your period? That's an ick question. That's the Book of Icky Questions and Answers. I would read Tina Fey's Book of Icky Questions and Answers. But it's really not a conversation you can have over a fangirl handshake and a gush. So I hang back and just love her silently.

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