Emmy Awards were announced this morning and once again, Friday Night Lights was totally overlooked. What will it take???

Simon Baker? In The Mentalist?

He’s hot. But please.

And enough of Grey’s Anatomy in the Supporting Categories. The show sucks.

By the way, True Blood was ignored too.

Reason to celebrate?

Tina Fey!

30 Rock leads with 22 and nods in all major categories because Tina Fey is the best. The very, very best of women in entertainment. And Tracy Morgan got some love too! (I interviewed him last week in New York for G-Force. He was sleepy and, um, not terribly engaging).

Who else?

How about the Pip!

Justin Timberlake nominated for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series and he’s going up against heavyweights like Steve Martin and Alan Alda.

Something to improve his mood. Pippy can egotrip again. And the Academy wants him in the audience…

Full list of nominations click here.