Just wanted to point out – Seth Meyers and Ricky Gervais were part of the Oscar writing staff last night. I’m sure Tina also had something to do with the fact that Steve Martin was way funnier presenting an Academy Award than he was hosting Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.

Tina not wearing black or grey. LOVE.

Tina’s hair swept to the side in a dinner roll. Not love. Good idea, bad execution. But from most angles you can’t tell anyway. And it fit her so beautifully. And she totally belongs there. And everyone wants to work with her. And one day she could very well be accepting one of her own.

Tina can. Tina will.

Why aren’t you watching 30 Rock???

PS. Dustin Lance Black is now the fantasy of every gay man in the world and my new hag objective.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com and Gettyimages.com

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