Oprah and I agree on few things. Of course…Tina Turner. Tina Turner is almost 70. Tina Turner stalked that stage last night and showed these kids 40 years younger. And bitch had to KICK at the end of her set.

She kicked!!!

Seriously… Tina Turner is the business. And Prince, still, is the quiver. Classy too. Something about the way he removed his sunglasses when handing Alicia Keys her Grammy … it was an instant signal to the loins.

And Sit DOWN Usher. Who the f&CK is Usher?? Quincy Jones isn’t good enough to present alone? That’s just dumb.

Is it just me or are you done with the creepy hologram duets, yes? Dead people can’t sing. That’s all.

And finally…

To my Blake, incarcerated. Best acceptance speech EVER. Funniest sh*t ever.

That needs to be my ring tone: To my Blake, incarcerated… it totally made my life.

Best and worst coming up!