Remember when the Cyrus family accused Annie Leibovitz of duping a young, impressionable girl when she posed for Vanity Fair last year? Remember they were all like “we feel exploited” and this wasn’t our fault?

Yeah well…

At the very least, given that it was the famed Annie Leibovitz, you could call it art.

What would you call getting wet, and making out with a boy, on the beach, and inviting the paps? With the approval of mom?

Would you call that a giant f-cking PIMP???

I posted these photos the other day of Miley on location with her new costar in Savannah shooting a scene from her new movie. I’ve since been told that they were filming on a closed set, on a private piece of land. How did the paps get there?


They were invited.

And rumour has it Miley was encouraged to keep “acting”, but to angle her body so that the paps could get a great shot to start building the publicity swirl around the movie.

By the way – who’s the executive producer of the movie?

Tish Cyrus. The mother.

Let’s sum this up, shall we?

She’s one of the people calling the shots on her daughter’s project. Her daughter’s costume for this scene consists of a CROPPED WHITE TOP to expose her belly. And paparazzi were invited to shoot her wet body wrapped around a boy’s in the water.

Well sh-t…that’s even topping Dina Lohan parenting styles, non?

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