As you know, Shelfy’s been relentless on the wedding campaign, leaking to about a visit to a jewellery store with the Pip during their Roman vacation and planting biweekly items in the tabloids about his imminent proposal.

Problem is…

Her family doesn’t famewhore. Or at least she hasn’t taught them yet.

Thanks to Jodi V in Denver for the tip – apparently one of Jessica Biel’s relatives called up a radio station yesterday morning to reveal that Shelf and Pip and not engaged and that her father has been assuring family members that nothing in the tabloids is true…

Oh dad! Don’t you know?

Poor dad needs media training, wouldn’t you say? All that hard work by her publicist, convincing the gullible superfans, floating that ridiculous story about Justin serenading Jessica with an obscure song inside an even more obscure Italian bauble shoppe… all that shot to hell by a father completely naïve to his daughter’s obsessive publicity campaign.

Bet your boob job daddy got a phone call yesterday.

And this is Shelfy in Rome rehearsing for Beverly Mitchell’s wedding – the original reason why she and Pippy are in Italy although if you believe her own rumour mongering, you would have thought their trip was actually pre-honeymoon.

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