Whose side are you on?


Toby Young’s book How to Lose Friends & Alienate People has been made into a movie starring Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst. If you’ve read it, you know Toby. Toby is a tool. Like possibly the most irritating, shameless, embarrassing fool…ever. And not even endearing. Which is rare. Because inevitably, f&ck ups are almost always endearing.


Toby just doesn’t care. He cares about no one. And when someone cares about nothing, it’s hard to care about him.

Fascinating in a way. Morbid too. Reading about his life was one huge cringe like watching a car accident or two people fighting in a restaurant.


Toby’s at it again. Toby is writing about my Kiki, about his experience with her while she was shooting his movie.

He was on set, he approached her sounding like a stalker, then the next time she sees him, he’s telling the director she can’t act.

As a result, Kiki gets him kicked off the production. Kicked off the production of the movie based on his book about his life. You will note though that Toby did not write the screenplay. This matters to people like my screenwriter friends.

So. Pick a side. Fence sitting not allowed.

Is he a prick? Or is she a f&cking bitch? I’m with her. I'm not with him. After reading his book, I'm with anyone but him.

Click here to read Toby’s full account of the situation.

Here’s Kiki the other day grabbing coffee. Also attached – Toby Young.