Gisele Bundchen is a supermodel, by profession and genetic jackpot, understandably one of the most narcissistic creatures on the planet. And still, Gisele is capable of putting her ego away when a game is on the line. When her man Tom Brady needs to focus on the job, Gisele knows it’s not her time.

She was reportedly at Giants’ Stadium Saturday night when Tom led the New England Patriots to the perfect season and even though the arena was swarming with journalists and photographers, Gisele managed to go undetected. She always manages to go undetected. Which means she’s not a distraction and also not a scapegoat if there is a loss.

But poor Tony Romo. Tony Romo who will never have Brady’s career, or looks, or get a girl as hot as Gisele, poor Tony Romo fell for a daughter of Joe Simpson. And the only thing more narcissistic than a supermodel is a daughter of Joe Simpson.

So when the Cowboys take to the field in 10 days for the NFC Divisional Championship, while Jess may not be pouting in pink from a skybox, you can bet your lip injections she’ll make her presence felt somehow. Somehow, someone will find her. Somehow People Magazine or Us Weekly or OK! Magazine will report on what she was wearing, what she ate, how she looked, when she blew kisses at him, and how many times she tried to fellate Romo during a time out.

Losing might not be her fault but she doesn’t exactly get out of the way either.

Check out Tom and Gisele AFTER the game. Totally not feeling his footwear but damn… it doesn’t get much hotter. We were watching the post game celebrations and the press conference on Saturday night.

Tom Brady is a dude.

And my husband, who is a Jets fan, which means he despises the Patriots, even he had to concede that beer guzzling, ball scratching dudes would have sex with a dude like Tom Brady.

He is perfect.

Source Tmz