The UK Mirror is reporting that Leo’s modelising itch may need to be scratched after being caught at a club in London arguing on the phone, at one point screaming: "I"ve had enough of this." Naturally, all gossips are pointing to Bar Rafaeli but I prefer to fantasise about Gisele. Imagine it: Leo and Gisele have this on/off thing…they’re apart, he hooks up with a sort-of clone, though G is still tight with the family, he even drops by her birthday party, and just as he thought he could play 2 horses, she turns around and wraps her long legs around Tom Brady – not exactly an ugly duck. Leo gets jealous, he emails/calls G, Bar founds out, freaks out, an argument ensues, he can’t stand the jealousy and he’s looking for a backdoor anyway… goodbye Bar, hello again Gisele? It’s a smutty stretch but still…MUCH better than the watered down version, non? Always loved Leo and Gisele, have always hoped they’ll get back together, and since her head seems to be stuck up her genetically superior supermodel ass these days, maybe Leo can help take it out. Source