Tom Brady is currently prepping to continue the Patriots’ perfect quest this weekend against Jacksonville. Hopefully Gisele isn’t distracting him too much. Because after watching this video – click here to view – I don’t know how anyone could focus on anything else but the Brazilian. Am not of the Sapphic persuasion but even I’m feeling a tingle. Damn. Can she move that ass or what???

Having said that, as is well documented, their hotness is demonstrably equal. Attached – Tom’s ads for Smart Water, the same company endorsed by Jennifer Aniston. The one with the helicopter and the wind and him rushing all busy and sh*t is kinda cheesy but still… Tom is so quivering I can’t stand it.

Speaking of Smart Water and Jennifer Aniston – she signs with them for cash AND shares. STOCKS. She suddenly gets a new model boyfriend who is photographed leaving her house with a bottle of it in hand. Around the same time, Smart Water’s parent company is acquired by Coca-Cola in a $4.1 BILLION deal. She gets an estimated $10 million.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

photos from Splash