Try as I might, I cannot understand the Goddess’s divine purpose behind this pairing. The fact that she created them both separately – wasn’t that enough to illustrate her omnipotence? Why put them together? Why the blatant beauty explosion? It’s just not necessary! And at this point, it’s just gratuitous and needless taunting. Especially where he’s concerned. I’ve been staring at this man for almost 20 minutes now and Gabriel Aubrey is perfection. Because you know a guy is perfection when he can rock the Brady Bunch hair and the loser rolled up jeans and STILL look loin quiveringly hot… and not even a little gay. That’s right, gossips. It is totally unfair. Anyway, here they are shopping a few days ago. I hear he adores her. I hear she fought her attraction to him because she had no interest in dating a model but broke down after his relentless and sincere pursuit. Which is just great, you know? He’s gorgeous AND romantic? Well now that’s just insulting. And did I mention so horribly unfair???