While there really is no worthy substitute, and porn preferences are obviously personal, for purely aesthetic appreciation, it can’t get much better than Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Would be like watching two angels f-cking.

But they’re so private all the time, hiding from the paps, declining to speak of their relationship. Why can’t they exploit their hotness like everybody else?

So now we’re voyeurs. And it’s kinda creepy, watching them kiss and cuddle in Boston through a restaurant window like this. You get over that pretty quickly though. Trust. She’s totally in love with him. You can tell in her eyes. At least this is what I’m projecting in her eyes. And he, even more, is totally in love with her. Like PDA styles too! And she wants to, but they’re sitting across the table from someone, and it’s totally inappropriate and he totally doesn’t care. And I’ve watched it 6 times already. Gah! Pervy!

Click here for the clip.

File photo from Splashnewsonline.com