Tom Brady was at practice yesterday with the Patriots in Foxborough. He was visited on the field by wife Gisele Bundchen and their son Benjamin. And then they proceeded to give up some ridiculously perfect family photos. There’s QB1, as he always is, being tactile and openly loving with his boy, as the model mother watches affectionately, and joins in too. Vivian Lake, their daughter, was not with them.

Speaking of Little Vivian, now 8 months old, Gisele recently posted this photo of the two of them together on Instagram.

As you can see, Vivian’s ears are pierced. And the judgy moms attacked. Good Morning America even got in on it, tweeting to their followers whether or not it was too young. Gisele’s defenders then pointed out that this is common in South American culture, as well as in parts of Europe. I’m not from South America and I’m not from Europe either but my ears were pierced at 10 months, the first time. I have two extra ear piercings for a total of 3 on the left side which happened when I was 13 and I remember those – more because I didn’t ask for permission – and not the original ones done when I was a baby.

Is my ma, the Squawking Chicken, a sh-tty mother? Is Gisele Bundchen a sh-tty mother?