It’s Tom Brady yesterday heading to a meeting along with new wife Gisele Bundchen but as usual they made sure photographers did not catch them together, nor were they wearing their rings. This detail has been noted and studied all morning. Not really sure why this is such a matter of interest.

Here’s the thing about the ring…

My rings I wear all the time. Never take them off, not at the gym, not at the pool, not to play golf, not when I sleep…never.

But my rings aren’t like a billion dollars. Nor are they the size of a suitcase. My rings are cute but little. They don’t get in the way. Of anything.

Their rings however (and many of yours from what I’ve seen!) are ridiculously impractical, no offence. SO beautiful, of course, but not exactly all seasonal, right? Which means not wearing it every day shouldn’t bring about so much drama?

RingWatch and BumpWatch – highly inaccurate.

Anyway, can we go back to talking about Tom in a suit? It’s a perfect fit. And he cut his hair. Don’t like it when he cuts his hair. He looks better with it grown out a little at the nape of the neck. Also, he tends to cut it at the worst times.

Someone needs to give this man a lesson in feng shui and luck maintenance. For the sake of New England Patriots fans. Maybe even his marriage.

PS. She has the best nose. It’s so strong and straight.

Photos from CHRIS/LAURENT/Bauergriffinonline.com