Check out Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in the Boston area the other night watching their son play hockey. Tom and the New England Patriots had just advanced to the AFC Championship. They’ll play on Sunday in Denver against Peyton Manning and the Broncos which, I guess, is the matchup everyone wanted.

As you can see, perhaps because he’s still in the playoffs, Tom and Gisele look close. So 2015 is firmly behind them then. But would it be OK if I posted this again for the first time in 2016? Those rings!

There were four rings last summer. Needless to say, Brady wants a full hand. But next time not on a private plane with Ben Affleck.

Last week, everyone was talking about Brady’s personal chef who revealed what he and Gisele do and don’t eat. Obviously they’re super SUPER SUPER healthy. Which, for someone like me (I had popcorn and Chinese lotus root soup for dinner last night), sounds super SUPER SUPER boring. That’s why they look like them and I don’t. But, like, there’s healthy and then there’s no tomatoes. Because supposedly they’re not anti-inflammatory. God, I love tomatoes. I don’t know if I could live without tomatoes. And still, their chef is like, “They are really laid back”.

I don’t know if I would call that “laid back”. Disciplined, yes. Controlled, yes. Focused, totally. All great qualities. But I’m not sure if “laid back” is the description for them when it comes to food. Which is why I’m wondering when they let go. Because I always feel like if you’re that firm and uncompromising in one area of your life, there has to be another area where you can freak. And since I’m a perv, I’m now wondering if maybe Vanilla Tom from his press conferences is decidedly not vanilla when he gets his freak on upstairs. Or up in the air.

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