You think a Hollywood feud lasts long? How about Tom Brady vs the NFL? It’s been 7 months. And today both sides are back in court to make their final arguments before the judge decides on whether or not to overturn his suspension.

It’s also a second chance for an artist.

You remember a couple of weeks ago when that sketch of Brady went viral because…well… see for yourself:

Apparently the poor artist, Jane Rosenberg, mortified about all the sh-t she took last time, has been practising.

That’s way better …and now it looks like the cover of a Western romance.

In other Brady news, as you know, he and Gisele have become the new couple on divorce watch, thanks to Ben Affleck Is The Fool. How much do you believe this one? Tell me your prediction.

And here’s the new Gisele Bundchen Stuart Weitzman ad that premiered during the VMAs. God these dance leotards. They’re part of the reason I quit ballet. Once my breasts came in, they never fit the same.