Tom Brady went out for groceries today in Pacific Palisades. It was reported over the holidays that he’d proposed to Gisele though the engagement has been quickly denied by his family. Both are so private, and not in a contrived way, they’d probably refuse to confirm it even if they were married already.

But that’s another thing re: the proposal rumour. As mentioned, the two are intensely guarded, which means the people around them are guarded, which makes leaks rare, because they’ve surrounded themselves with those they can trust, so either they were totally sold out, or the report was totally full of sh-t. Gossip, buffet, choose.

As for Tom on the professional side…but he must be bored, non? Early January, he’s usually at work, at practice, he’s usually in the post-season. Without him, the Patriots missed the playoffs. And training camp is still 6 months away. Seriously, actors and athletes, so much down time. Could you handle it?

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