Tom Brady's hair is much better than it's been in a while. Check him out training with the Patriots yesterday. Yay that the league managed to work things out for a new season! This is for Sarah from Cinesnark whose hard-on for him had been waning. Looks a lot hotter, non?

It's all love and peaches right now at training camp for the Patriots as they're just beginning their honeymoon with Chad Ochocinco. But don't get huffy when I say that everyone not on the bandwagon is wondering how long that is going to last. Some personality problems are incurable over the long term. They say that the New England system fixes attitude. Forever? Maybe that's just my Miami Dolphin allegiance coming through. You can imagine then how choked I am now that Marc Anthony owns part of my team, all things considered, couch quarterback aside. Come on, that one was obvious, wasn't it?

If not for Miami though, I'd rather see the Patriots take the AFC East over the New York Jets. Not only because that's Jacek's team, but also because I hate Rex Ryan.

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