They were dating, they broke up, supposedly had not-very-careful goodbye sex, then he moves on not to a mousy looking football groupie but to Gisele Bundchen – easily one of the most amazing looking women on the planet.

Can you blame Bridget Moynahan for burning the way she is? I’d be bitter and bitchy too.

Look at him. Tom Brady in V Man Magazine.

Sure they tried to gay him up a little with some super cheese results – especially the shot of him with his eyes closed in the shower – but feast your eyes on the image of Tom in that black sweater with his hair tousled just so and his pants hanging deliciously off his narrow hips and don’t tell me your loins are tingly no matter what your persuasion.

He’s so hot it hurts.

Having said that, the true test for Gisele is going to be the season. Tom went to and won at the Superbowl during the Bridget era. And even though the Pats are an impressive and imposing 3-0 to kick the year off, even though Brady’s completion percentage has everyone gaping, sixteen weeks is a long time. Time enough for injuries. Time enough for distractions. Like coming home to Gisele in a bikini.

Can ice cold, cool Brady stay focused? Stay tuned…

Thanks ML for the scans!