Check out Tom Brady in New York yesterday after his hearing – he’s appealing the NFL suspension after Deflategate – and then later on in the evening he stepped out in casual clothes, looking relaxed and confident under a baseball cap.

Deflategate isn’t the only reason Tom’s been in the news this week. As you know, he’s been infected with Ben Affleck’s sh-t too, because of this photo, basically one of the best photos of the year:

God I can’t get enough of this shot. It’s not just the rings but her pose, the way Christine has settled herself into the most flattering angle possible, with her shoes off, because she’s just that comfortable in the presence of her employer, Ben, and QB1, while wearing all of his Super Bowl rings!!!

But seriously, as many of you have asked, why the f-ck is Tom Brady rolling with all his rings. It’d be like Meryl Streep taking her Oscars every time she goes to dinner. Gross, right? I dunno. If they were going to a charity event, maybe it was a thing? Get people to make bigger donations by blinding them with his championship hardware and his white teeth and dimples? That’s probably the Boston explanation. Outside of Boston, most of you will likely choose Option B: douchebag.

As for what exactly went down on that plane, TMZ’s sources insist that there were several others with Ben and Tom – I wrote about this earlier today, TMZ’s report and the possible different angles involved in this situation. Click here for a refresher. Ben really wants it out there that he’s not messing with Chrissy O anymore. Obviously he has to protect himself, but part of that motivation is to protect his boy Tom. Because can you imagine the f-cking heat that Tom must be taking from Gisele? Can you imagine the texts that Ben might have gotten from Tom this week? (Bro, my wife is all over me about this photo going public, what the f-ck is your girl playing at? Fix this sh-t!)

Why can’t those be subpoenaed?!?