Check out Tom Brady looking really, really hot in spectacles yesterday at the Laker game where, apparently, he was quite friendly with Kobe Bryant, for which certain members of the Boston media are sh-tting on him, but not as hard as they sh-t on him for his “ball-buster” of a wife. And certainly not as hard as when they sh-t on him for carrying her bag once in a while.

That’s ok, right?

Tom Brady deserves a bitch who will stay at home and not take her goddamn apron off until he tells her to!

You’ll note, Gisele never offered an apology, at least not a public one, for being caught on camera criticising her husband’s teammates after the Super Bowl. As if Gisele would actually say sorry. I’m sure she’ll look very sorry when she’s vamping for the cameras as they make their official annual appearance together at the Met Gala in 6 weeks.

OMG! The Met Gala! God I can’t wait for the Met Gala. Post award season rest is now complete. Ready for the Met Gala carpet. And this year it’s Prada, Carey Mulligan, and Baz Luhrmann! Which... does that mean Leo will go to support his Gatsby connections?

And if he does, how does that look with the Bundchen-Bradys in the room?