It’s with Under Armour. He left Nike and has signed a multi-year deal with Under Armour and will be paid in Under Armour stocks. Very smart. It means he’ll keep getting paid long after his career is over. Under Armour has been aggressive lately, non? It’s everywhere. At least it is in my house. Jacek is an Under Armour whore. We work from home. And days can go by where he doesn’t have to officially “go out”. Which means he can literally last an entire week without wearing anything BUT Under Armour. Track pants around the house, shorts at the gym, lightweight tops inside, jackets outside, or to the driving range, no jeans necessary, no proper non-athletic clothing necessary. He is fully stocked. He is obsessed with his wardrobe.

So his mancrush on Tom Brady is now even more intense. Oh but he’ll never admit it.

Here are the first ads. Brady is gorgeous. But I really hate the one of him throwing.


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