Training camp is still months away. But the sting of last season must still be burning. Either that or he needed an excuse to get out the house, a break from the babies. No judgy moms, timing out is not a terrible thing. It can’t be super fun awesome fulfilling rewarding spiritual breathtaking motherhood is amazing all the time. I have mother friends too. And they can’t wait for Grey Goose nights.

So Tom Brady took the dog out this afternoon to throw the ball around in LA today. I love it when he lets his hair grow out like this. When it curls in wisps at the nape of his neck. Said it before, will say it again: we were there, on the field, at the Superbowl in Phoenix and he ran right by me during warm up and I told Michelle – he cut his hair, right before the final game of what was supposed to be a perfect season, he cut his f-cking hair. The Patriots will lose.

And they did.

Why do people mess around with this sh-t? Like he couldn’t have waited one more day?

By the way, you’ve seen Gisele Bundchen’s post-pregnancy Vogue spread, right? Click here for the pictures. SICK.

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