Tom Brady is on the cover of the new issue of Men’s Health in a grey t-shirt under a leather jacket and short tousled hair. Looks GREAT. Like really, really, REALLY hot. In addition to kicking off a new season, Brady will also be opening up a new business in September. According to the magazine, his TB12 Sports Therapy Centre will help athletes train smarter:

“It’s so frustrating for me to see athletes not being able to do what they really love to do. And I’m like, God, it’s not that hard. It’s really not. Guys work really hard, but if you work hard at the wrong things, you just don’t get the results you want.”

He hopes his method will ensure that he keeps playing football until he’s in his 50s. Well, that also depends on his offensive line. Because if they’re not standing up, no matter how effectively he trains, that’s not going to prevent injury.

Tom also discusses his emotional approach to the game:

“When I’m most emotional I’m probably most focused. I like to be emotional because it brings out the best in me and my teammates.”

Right. And those teammates no longer include Wes Welker and several other of his top receivers. The Patriots offence is totally different this year. More than ever, they’ll need him to be at his best. But his emotional best, according to some, is often impatient and intolerant. And with so many guys now having to learn the system, it might get kinda boy sh-tty on the sidelines …which… considering that Tim Tebow is now on the team, could make for some very good gossip. Like, can you imagine a hot mic recording Gisele Bundchen going OFF on God’s quarterback?

Here’s Brady at practice yesterday.