Tom Brady was photographed at Whole Foods in Brentwood yesterday with his son Jack. Gisele wasn’t around, or at least she wasn’t shot. You all remember the sh-t she took after the Super Bowl, right? Shortly after, Tom and Gisele went on holiday to Puerto Rico. Click here to see the photos. You’ll note in those pictures he’s not wearing his wedding ring. And yet they are very, very clearly together.

Three weeks later, Tom sat front row at a Laker game. Click here to revisit those images. A few of you worried that he wasn’t wearing his ring. On top of the drama surrounded his wife’s trash-talking his teammates following their loss, there was concern among some gossips that things might not be right. I’m not sure though that Tom is a consistent ring wearer and certainly not when he’s playing and practising. Tom did not wear his ring with Gisele at Carnival (photo here) and he DID wear his ring at the Met Gala last year (photos here). He did NOT wear the ring on March 21 at an event in New York (photo attached).

Is the ring something we don’t need to worry about?

And still there’s that weird nagging gossip dread I keep telling you about. Please let it not be them. It can’t be them. We’ll see them together at the Met Gala in a few weeks, an event they always go to together, and it will all be ok, right?