He’s hot…but this is f&cking hilarious and undoubtedly the butt of many jokes in the New England locker room if his teammates have had the pleasure of seeing it. Snort.

Tom Brady’s ads for Stetson are so awful, so awkward, and SO cheese…and still he is so so SO foine!


Stetson??? Stetson??? There is no doubt in my mind Tom Ford would take his own face of his own ads for Tom Brady. No. Doubt.

Then again, if not Stetson, these all time images would never have been produced.

I’m partial to the photo of him looking all Sly Fox to the side with a woman’s elbow on his shoulder and one hand on the steering wheel. And the one of him lying down on the grass with his mouth open to camera – what were they thinking??? But aren’t you glad they did?

Enjoy! And giggle!