Savannah just sent this over to me and I can’t thank her enough for bringing me so much happiness and cringe at the same time.

The New England Patriots celebrated their Super Bowl last night. There was a party. They all received their rings – the biggest rings ever in the history of Super Bowl rings: 205 diamonds in total, and each player’s number customised.



This, of course, is Tom Brady’s fourth ring. And he wore all four of them all night, even on the dance floor, getting down and sweaty with Robert Kraft, Gronk, and Wiz Khalifa, the MOST RANDOM BOY BAND OF ALL TIME.

Let me just ease you into Brady moves. So that your delightful discomfort can rise steadily. Here’s Brady on the fringe of the dance circle, WHERE HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED, doing the white boy side to side and head bop:



But then, perhaps empowered by those four rings, he gets more ambitious, edging closer to the centre, and pumping his fists which, though not exactly the coolest sh-t ever, is still within the realm of decency and acceptability:



We pause at this point to acknowledge the players teaching their white grandpa how to flex on the ones and twos:




And then, oh God, oh no, Brady’s in the circle, and he’s hopping up and down and throwing his hands…





Gronk and Brady gettin it crackin at the ring ceremony party. #corporate thuggin. Thanks @wgd6788

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Does this remind you of someone?

No? Are you sure?



Who been to a party with Robert Kraft, the gronk and Tommy touchdown turnin up? Lol. Shoutout @mistercap wit the cameo

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You know what though? I think I’d still take Brady’s spontaneous bump and grind over Leonardo DiCaprio’s Coachella CHOREOGRAPHY: