New home for Tom Cruise and his RoboBride. The cost? Only $35 million. Katie’s new prison home is in Beverly Hills, seven bedrooms, nine bath, 1.3 acres, with – of course – a tennis court and a pool. Turns out the Cruise compound up to this point has only been a rental. So now with a more permanent residence with his permanent wife, Tom is said to be anxious to give Little Sci a little sibling. Naturally, Katie wants the same. Because remember, as Jada Pinkett Smith said, she actually can think for herself.

There’s also gossip coming out of Shreveport from local readers – Katie is apparently renting there for the duration of her Mad Money shoot. Rumour has it, Tom left instruction for some serious security surveillance equipment to be installed in the house, along with state of the art electronics including a massive plasma TV and some sort of high tech wireless communication device. During delivery and set-up, allegedly, the crew was instructed never to speak directly to Katie, not to look at Katie or the baby, to address questions to her minders only, and when they were there, allegedly, while holding Little Sci and making sure that items were situated according to what Tom had specified, Kate would direct her comments only at the her handlers who would then relay the message to the technicians…even though they were all standing in the same room. Allegedly of course. Allegedly because it’s just so implausible. Implausible that Katie Holmes would be so unapproachable. And that the Family Cruise could be so creepy and weird… right?