It’s Tom Cruise!

And he’s working again!

For the first time in two years, Tom Cruise is on a film set. He’s on location in Boston to shoot Wichita with Cameron Diaz and over the weekend, Tom spent time with his son Connor and Katie Holmes and Little Sci shopping at a local boutique and showing off his blue wedge sneakers with the hidden height enhancers. 

He’ll need these for Cammie. 

I have danced with my back up against Cammie. She is tall. As tall as his wife. They’ll need to have her in flats. Or find him a stool. 

It’s not the most flattering sweater, is it? 

Tom and Robo are also in town at the same time as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes should totally be besties. They could make, like, Christmas crafts together. 

Photos from Fame Pictures