We are fast approaching the release date of Knight & Day. To promote the film the GMD and Cameron Diaz are travelling the world, almost a city every day in Europe, and they were in what appeared to be matching outfits for press in Austria Tuesday before jetting off to Spain where he was spotted, with Katie Holmes, holding a sleepy Little Sci into their hotel. All of them are expected to splash it out tonight on the carpet there. Before that though, he decided to zoom around in the town square or something, penis on display with his big boy bike.

And then tomorrow it’s off to somewhere else.

They’re all working extra hard for this one, especially Tom. As I noted the other day, Knight & Day hasn’t been tracking well during a summer that’s already seen several underperformers. And they’ve moved Knight & Day to a Wednesday open...why? Because Grown Ups is their biggest competition, and they want to get a head start.

See, when you’re afraid of Grown Ups, which looks abysmal, this is a problem. From the sounds of it, everyone in Hollywood is bracing for a flop. It would be a terrible hit on Tom Cruise. There is no satisfaction in saying that either. I don’t want to live in a world with no movie stars.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Johannes Simon/Gettyimages.com