Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are continuing their Knight & Day tour of Europe. Today was the UK premiere. He looks really, really good. While in town, they also made a guest appearance on Top Gear. I love Top Gear. Top Gear is our friend Kiu’s favourite show. He has every season on iTunes and we watch whenever we go over to visit. On one episode, in search of the world’s most perfect driving road, the three presenters went to Romania and found this INSANE stretch of highway through the mountains. But not before they acted like crazy bitches through the country with their really, really expensive sports cars on dirt roads. 

Then there was the time when the lead presenter decided to convert a V8 engine into a blender. He mixed Tabasco sauce with a concrete brick and a huge slab of meat. Was hilarious. 

Anyway, what they do on Top Gear as a regular feature, for those of us outside the UK (the show does not air in North America) is invite their guests to complete a lap in a “reasonably priced car” and compare the times to other famous people who’ve been on the show. Simon Cowell ranks very high on the list. 

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz filmed their segments today. Which reminds me of the time Mark Wahlberg was on the show while promoting Max Payne and, well, he decided to let the world know exactly what he thinks of Xenu.


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