Hated at the beginning. When they first hooked up, Jennifer and Marc, as his festering rot somehow claimed her booty, like many of you there were sad, sick days. But somehow, some way, sounds cheese but now I believe. I believe that he adores her, I believe that she adores that he adores her, and believing makes occasions like these easier to swallow. As they parade their passion before a crowd of pre-Superbowl revelers, instead of being repulsed, I have to tell you – I find it kinda hot. They seem in sync, don’t they? And her gorgessity makes his ugliness a little less repulsive doesn’t it? And the way she’s smiling is irresistible, non? And if you try not to think of him sucking her blood, especially since his skin bears the unmistakable blue hue of death, they do look really happy and really endearing, right? Call me Cruise but I do. I do believe. Source