Most gossip watchers seem to be scoffing at Tom"s new gig - a $5-7 million/year setback to be sure and no, not a major studio offering - but as I said last week, until Morton"s book comes out and blows the gay outta the cannon, celebrating at this stage might be a little premature, not only because the GMD is wily but also because Daniel Snyder is a wily, wacky, wickedly successful businessman. More importantly, Daniel Snyder has an ego to match the Crazy. Failure at this level of monetary and public investment is most definitely not an option. Here"s a quick and dirty background for those of you not looped in to the situation: unable to secure a production deal along conventional lines, Tom Cruise and his producing partner Paula Wagner announced a 2 year agreement with Daniel Snyder and a couple of his cronies, guaranteed at $3 million a year with what"s likely a lot of back end profit built in. And while this sounds like a collossal setback at first glance, much as it pains me to say, I"m not so sure it really is. Daniel Snyder is the owner of, among other things, the Washington Redskins. And since smut and sports don"t necessarily mix well, the Washington Redskins play in the NFL, the most financially successful team in America"s most finally successful league. It took Daniel Snyder less than a decade to build his football empire, impressive because the Redskins now rank as the 2nd most valuable franchise in the WORLD - THE WORLD - more valuable than the Yankees, 2nd only to the illustrious Manchester United, a franchise with what"s arguably a much wider reach and a much, much, much larger international audience. In short - Daniel Snyder ain"t no chump. And he"s certainly not a chump willing to attach himself to suckage. Having said that, the deal"s ramifications go way beyond trying to restore the GMD"s Hollywood status. Note also that Daniel himself or more specifically Daniel"s millions, possibly billions, would not have gone unnoticed by the Church, and if he isn"t a scientologist already, I"ve no doubt they have designs to turn him into one…which only means this so-called "downsize" is far from it. In fact, some might say it"s a veritable coup on both a professional level and a personal one as well. Remember gossips - like vermin and virus, the Thetan and his main gay are tenacious, and writing them off too quickly only contributes to the grand master plan: strike when they are sleeping, blindside the overconfident, tap in to the MiniVan Majority, regroup and reconquer… Sun Tzu"s lessons in warfare could not be more applicable. The point of the story: stay vigilant. And pray that that book can see the light of day.