Love.It. TMZ is suggesting that our favourite flying-masseuse-propositioning-man-kissing Scientologist blew off the TomKat wedding because he’s taking sides with Oprah who, as we all know, was left OFF the invite list. John’s reps said they weren’t “privy” to the invite list – how snippy! – and then tried to massage the situation by saying they couldn’t get in touch with their client until after Thanksgiving…how convenient. Even more curious, new rumours have reached me – take ‘em with a grain of salt, I’ve not been able to do much digging to lock them down – that for a long time now, Travolta has been considering make a break from the Xenu. Buzz is tired of living within the scientological straightjacket, he allegedly wants to let the sequins fly, and blow the sh-t wide open, especially since the wife has allegedly been f*cking anything that moves wherever she goes. (have you seen that Maroon 5 video???) All that combined…perhaps another reason for missing the GMD"s Media Event of the Year? Makes sense, I suppose, if you consider that the Church’s Top Gun, David Miscavige, presided over the festivities, and who would want to face the wrath of the post powerful Thetan-prophet in the world? Again…total rumour mongering, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly…gotta protect my Chinese ass…but still… Is your smutty sense tingling??? Source TMZ