It’s amazing the effect of the Church on the sweetest things – it all inevitably goes sour, doesn’t it? Will and Jada used to be my favourite. I adored them, willing to play along with the perfection. And then came Wicked Wisdom and the growing proximity to the GMD, the beard and purse whispers, then of course their defense of the GMD/Katie relationship, culminating in that fiasco of a wedding during which they were seated quite close to the Sci Ruler, David Miscavige. All that and the fact that Jada’s hermy keeps wanting to come out and play…at this point, the smell is getting hard to ignore, non? Anyway, here they are Sunday night - The Museum of Moving Image Salutes Will Smith – as the accolades keep coming for his work in the upcoming Pursuit of Happyness, a role slowly but steadily gaining Oscar buzz. I’d love to see Will win. Because I really am a big fan, I’ve seen every single one of Will’s films. Even Wild Wild West. Even the stinking pile of sh-tness that was The Legend of Bagger Vance. Will Smith is fantastic. Which naturally makes him a fantastic candidate to replace John Travolta. Pray Goddess Oprah can save him. Source