“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself”…so very Oprah cheese but the way it ended, Sex and the City, with Samantha writhing on top of Smith and Miranda in Brooklyn and Charlotte with a Chinese baby and many, many puppies, and of course “John” popping up on Carrie’s cell – it was perfect. And any fan of the show will recognise this photo.

So the prospect, now what looks to be the reality, of a follow-up movie, to me at least, isn’t so appetising. Why can’t people just leave well enough alone? Why unravel the bow just to make a new bow that isn’t so appealing?

Call me Cruise…maybe I’m the only one.

But after three years, the dramatic jealous dust has settled and the girls say they’re on board – even Kim Cattrall, likely because none of them have gone anywhere, and I suppose that watching your glory days on rerun isn’t exactly the fun times.

One piece of good news? Mario Cantone will likely be back. And he was Lloyd before Lloyd, wasn’t he? Always kills me when he visits The View and I wonder – his bit is hysterical to me, so why isn’t he more famous?