Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another wedding photo – Tom pulls another gerbil outta the scientological magic hat and delivers one more gem. 

The cover of Hello Magazine due out this week – fireworks, smiles, and sparkles…always the hallmark of a gay wedding, this time the hallmark of the Wedding of the Century – yay! As for when they’ll make their triumphant return, TomKat watchers were thinking as early as this past weekend but since part of their honeymoon was apparently hampered by bad weather, looks like they’ll be gone a little longer. Soccer Saturdays just don’t feel the same without their handholding, fondling, kissing, smiling presence, non? Still…considering the speculation that Katie wants to give the gift of Second Sci to her new husband and in addition to the Brit/Paris/Lilo triumvirate, our recent smutty overload is not expected to die down any time soon…praise Thetan, ah-Xenu. Source