Leave it alone already!!!

You know when something is so wrong, you just know, you KNOW IN YOUR BONES it can never be right?

A Point Break sequel is every kind of wrong imaginable. Every kind.

But Hollywood is Hollywood and Hollywood will desecrate anything for the sake of a dollar. And this time they’re f&cking with Point Break.

Same writer of the original is apparently set to work on the screenplay for the sequel - something about a former surfer fighting crime and I stopped caring after the first sentence because really…what is the point of Point Break 2?

They say it’s because they want to resolve what happened to Bodhi...because seeing him paddling towards the wave of a lifetime wasn’t the perfect ending? Seriously…do you care to see Bodhi’s life tied up in a neat little bow? Or would you prefer to keep that last image in tact?

Call me Cruise, but if you ask me… worst.idea.ever.

PS. Nostalgic hotness – Keanu Reeves. Was on top of my Freebie 5 circa Speed. Makes me sad…