this has been bothering me for awhile and I have heard so many different theories - Why did Tom and Nicole divorce? IS it because he is flaming? Did she cheat? She had a miscarriage and he seem like he didn"t even care. i don"t know... Just wanted to know your thoughts on this. Dear Shirley, Again, I’m covering my Chinese ass. Let me start off by clearly stating for the benefit of Mr. Cruise’s rabid attorneys that this is all speculation. Especially since this is being thrown out there on my website. I trust you all get my drift. As for your guestions…Hmmmm… how about "all of the above"??? It is commonly believed that Nicole and Tom had an agreement and that she had an affair with her co-star from The Blue Room, a London stage production she was in just prior to the split. Once again…these are the RUMOURS. Some people think she got knocked up by the other fellow, Tom found out, booted her, and made her talk about the miscarriage so that it would debunk any ensuing homo whispers. I"m not comfortable with this RUMOUR though. Mostly because, as you all know, Tommy Boy is so NOT gay, gay, gay but also because I honestly don"t think he would have minded if Nic was gettin" some from a willing participant on the side anyway. A more plausible RUMOUR might be the one that has Nicole walking out after discovering that her children were being alarmingly subjected to some Scientology indoctrination and Tom retaliated by cutting her off and wrangling her into a post-divorce settlement that meant she would see less and less of her children in exchange for professional advancement. Obviously, this theory is also ridiculous because Mr. Cruise is the most wonderfulest actor in the universe and the Church is good, good, good and a wonderful place to mentor one"s offspring. Needless to say, there are a million versions of what happened floating around out there. Which one you believe is entirely up to you. But I wouldn"t spend too much time revisiting this one. There is fun gossip and then there"s unfriendly, dangerous gossip. And I assure you - you do NOT want to mess with alien fighters.