I don't know how my future husband could have been overlooked so many times!!!! He is the hottest guy out there. I like quirky guys...and the fact that this guy can act better that anyone lately....AND he is super hot..I think he should make the Freebie 5 list. He"s sweet, hard working, young, HOT, Mexican (I love the latin boys :) ) , you name it this boy has it, does it, or will do it. He has been in some awesome movies...mainstream and small film festival type movies....so here he is my nomination (if you"re takin them lol): Gael Garcia Bernal Dear Mandy: Y Tu Mama Tambien is my husband's favourite foreign film and I remember watching it and thinking: Damn-uh! Any time, baby. Any time. And then I found out that Gael is like 5 ft 6. And hey - there"s nothing wrong with short men. In fact, I hear the shorter they are…the more enthusiastic they get in the moment. All good. But the thing is, my father is a short man. Very short. And while, like Gwyneth, I am a total Daddy's girl, I have always gravitated towards guys who are his complete physical opposite. Which is why I've always been more partial to Diego Luna. Now THERE's a worthy candidate!