It is a new world. A world Tom is not altogether familiar with. These days, the number one movie at the box office is sold at the mall. Many malls across America. These days you have to hustle. 

Tom Cruise hasn’t had to hustle in a very long time.

But Tom Cruise must hustle now. 

Valkyrie is on the brink of disaster. And its December 26th release date pits it against many other more potentially bankable features. So for the first time in a long time, Tom Cruise is actually engaging in the kind of publicity he used to be above, once upon a time. 

An exclusive interview with Hello Canada, answering questions about his wife KatE (have you met her?) and of course his very popular daughter Little Sci. No mention of the movie either. The journalist however does keep referring to Robo as Katie, Tom keeps answering Kate. It’s the best game ever!

When you and Katie became a couple, the press was ferocious. How did you help her handle it all? 
Kate is incredibly wise and very, very strong and confident even though she is a very gracious and elegant person. You get through that kind of stuff. It’s not pleasant. It’s not something where you go, “Oh, boy, I’m really excited about this!” [Laughs] And certainly, I think [it] hit an extreme.

Does he even know what he’s saying? Can a woman not be strong and confident while gracious and elegant? Are these attributes mutually exclusive? What’s with the “even though”??? People can’t speak anymore. And his scriptwriter sucks. 

At least he can handle being teased about the couch though:

Predictions ran rampant that you and Katie wouldn’t last and here you are, happier than ever. Can we anticipate more couch jumping soon with the announcement of more children on the way? 
[Laughing] Jump on a couch and have more babies? I’m starting to sweat now! If I say “Yes,” then people are going to … [pauses, smiling]. We’ll have more children. [But] Kate’s working and right now we’re just enjoying this time. It’s very precious. We won’t get this time back. That’s why when Suri was born, we shut down everything for months, just for our families to be with Suri and the [older] kids.

How do they spend leisure time?

Family breakfast together, hanging out and watching movies, watching football, you know, spending the evening as a family colouring and reading books to Suri. Kate is an artist on many levels, so there’s lots of fun things and lots of arts and crafts projects. We all love reading books to Suri. We have those moments of just hanging out together and talking about the day.

And holiday plans?

It’s hard to pin down where you live these days! 
We’re based in New York City. I’ve always had the apartment [there], but we’re based in New York while Kate’s doing her play. Wherever Kate is, I am, so that’s it.

Any Christmas plans? 
We’ll be in New York, and we’ve planned for some fun. [Smiles]

Hello Canada is on newsstands tomorrow. Tom discusses Little Sci’s status as Hollywood’s #1 tot. And it’s only the beginning. In the weeks to come, watch Tom stoop and grovel.