Demi and Ashton at the Tom Cruise gala last night. She didn’t look pregnant the other day and she certainly doesn’t look it today. No bump, no glow…though hey, I have no idea either way but if the speculation is entirely based on the fact that she wore an overcoat to an event 10 days ago, I’d say that’s pretty weak. In happier news, Ashton has shaved off his pathetic attempt at a beard. Which is good news because of Gary. For those new to the site, see side by side comparison: Gary the puppet from Team America, Ashton the follower from Kabbalah - both with sad ass facial hair, both MUCH better without the haphazard clumps. The only problem now is that she looks like his aunt Connie. Especially the way they’re standing. But enough of my bitch. Their love is real. I’m now a believer. Source